How to Book Obituary Ad in Newspaper

Q.1) I want to place an obituary advertisement in Hindustan Times, Delhi. Please let me know the procedure and kindly send me the final layout for approval?

To publish an obituary advertisement you are required to send the complete matter along with a photograph of the deceased. We will design the advertisement in the appropriate size and mail it with the quotation to you. After receiving the online payment or cash in Delhi NCR, the advertisement will be published on the desired date. For any query call us at 9810904604.

Q.2) On which page is the obituary advertisement published in The Times of India and Hindustan Times?

All the advertisements related to obituary or remembrance are published on the obituary page which generally on 8th or 10th page of The Times of India and Hindustan Times.

Q.3) I want to book an advertisement in the obituary section in Prajavani newspaper. Till what time can I send the matter?

We should receive the contents of the advertisement latest by 3 p.m. It takes time to design and take your approval.

Q.4) Is the photograph necessary for an obituary advertisement to be published in the newspaper? Should I send it to you with the matter in an attachment?

The photograph is not a necessity for an obituary advertisement. But at the same time the photograph helps to identify the deceased promptly by the friends and relatives. Yes, you can send it as an attachment with the matter.

Q.5) Please arrange to insert an advertisement in the obituary column of The Times of India, Mumbai, as per the enclosed attachment. Please charge normal rates and send me the draft for my approval.

Thank you for being on our website. The Times of India has a very wide circulation in Mumbai. We will prepare a draft of the advertisement in the appropriate size and quote you the best rates for classified display or display ads.